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telus spark

Ticket / Pass requirements

Each pass allows 6 people; MUST include at least one senior (55 years and older).
Children under 3 years do not require a ticket.

Parking options

  • There’s a FREE Lot (city lot) at walking distance next to TELUS Spark.
  • Or you can choose to pay 10$ to park in the TELUS Spark Paring Lot. You will receive a 5$ TELUS Spark voucher in that can be used at the store inside or Social Eatery café.
  • Or you can travel by C-train.

Best times to visit
If you’re looking to visit during “quieter” times, it’s best to be there after 10am or after 2pm.

What is included with this pass?

  • Most exhibits and some documentaries and films are included.
  • However, if you’re thinking about food, you can either purchase it at the Social Eatery café or carry your own food and beverage.


  • $25 deposit per pass will be required when we sign out the pass to you. This amount will be refunded upon return of the pass.
  • $25 penalty would be charged if you lose the pass as it needs to be re-issued to others.
  • The pass is valued at $156 and is a special privilege extended to you. Therefore, please be responsible!
  • Pass to be returned within one week from the date of receipt.
  • Failure to return the card will lead to it’s deactivation.

Seniors entitled to use the pass MUST accompany family members while visiting the TELUS Spark Science Centre.


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