What We Do

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F.o.c.u.s on Seniors stands for

C.ommunity Involvement

We provide a variety of opportunities, educational programs, social events, and fun activities for seniors in the community to enjoy and be a part of.  Our program primarily helps seniors living in NE Calgary.

However our programs are open to all seniors. We serve immigrant newcomers & refugees, visible and racialized minorities, Canadian residents, and citizens! Our families can be a great source of love, joy, and interaction.

Our families can be a great source of love, joy and interaction.

However, often when younger members are out working or studying many seniors find themselves at home and isolated. This is where Focus on Seniors comes in. We aim to create a community where seniors can come together to learn something new, meet new people, and become part of the greater community in Calgary. 

Our mission and purpose is to enhance the quality of life of seniors by inspiring, supporting and integrating older adults and engaging them in a holistic program that enriches their mind, body and spirit.

focus on seniors ne Calgary

Every month we have various educational courses, activities and special events happening.

When you become a part of the Focus on Seniors community you can access these opportunities and more.

If you’re interested in joining an activity or event you can click our calendar or list of events.