Year at a glance – 2022

JANUARY • Genesis 10th anniversary celebs on 15th – cultural performance
• Knitting and distribution of lap blankets and scarves
• Culinary art (Meal and Grocery Deliveries- funding dependent)
• Computer Classes for Seniors (NHG)
FEBRUARY • FOS 15th Anniversary
• Letters of Love / Greeting cards for seniors
• Computer classes for Seniors(NHG)
MARCH • Navroz Cheer baskets- Devotional CDs
• Spa Day for Seniors
APRIL • Sewing of Masks
• Digital Connections
• Greeting cards for EID, Volunteers National Week
• Vaisakhi (Punjab spring harvest festival) 14 April 2022
MAY • Mother’s Day (Grooming and self-care packages)
JUNE • Father’s Day (Grooming and self-care packages)
• Indigenous Education
• Multi-cultural Day celebration
• Seniors Week (Seniors cultural festival)
JULY • Community Clothing Event
• Canada Day showcasing Canadian History
• Devotional CDs
AUGUST • Community Clothing Event
• FOS AGM – Invite annual membership applications
SEPTEMBER • Community Clothing Event
OCTOBER • National Senior Day (Film)
• Diwali (Hindu festival of lights) 24 October 2022
• Bandi Chhor Divas (Sikh celebration known as “The Celebration of Freedom) 24 October 2022
NOVEMBER • Guru Nanak Gurpurab (Sikh celebration, birthday of Guru Nanak)
8 Nov 2022
• Diwali sweets/ Cheer baskets
• Remembrance Day
DECEMBER • Khushyali – Imamat Day (Ismaili celebrating HH Aga Khan birthday) 13 December 2022 Cultural Treat hampers
• Christmas Cheer baskets
• Knitting and distribution of lap blankets and scarves

** Programs subject to change as we adapt to COVID-19 Pandemic response.