Past Board

Rossbina Nathoo Founder/President

Founder 2007

President: 2011-2013 , 2013-2015 , 2015-2017

Age 63yrs
Passion: Volunteering, continual learning & travel

Contact: 403-816-8145 and 403-630-7689


ity: Calgary North East, Alberta 
Rossbina Nathoo: Refugee Immigrant from Uganda October 1972
Proud mom of two accomplished sons.
Favorites: Travel, Theatre and Volunteering

Dedicated to F.O.C.U.S on Seniors, a personal volunteering initiative to support seniors in Calgary This grassroots endeavor flourished into a Non-Profit/Volunteer Driven organization which was incorporated in July 2011.

Canada's Top 25 Immigrants 2009

Top 3 finalist for Calgary’s "Immigrants of Distinction" awards 2007/8

First Calgary Community Vision Award 2009                                                                                   

Calgary MLA’s nomination for Minister’s Seniors Service Award 2013

My commitment to give back to Canada and my community by sustaining the organization.

Nizar Bhaloo Director of Finance


Nizar is a Certified Accountant (London), a designation equivalent to CGA in Canada. He has a wealth of professional experience and knowledge in finance and is currently on the Calgary Board of Education in Finance capacity. He has also worked on several boards, including the Aga Khan Development Network, Partnership Walks and Transportation, Citizen and Immigration, as well as other senior ­focused groups in his local community.  

Nizar is dedicated to connecting people from different communities and the exchange of ideas and experiences from different cultures.  

In addition to community volunteering, Nizar is also socially active in his workplace. He has worked closely with superintendents to organize ‘professional days’, headings its organization and budgeting. He is also a Fire Marshall and the Lead Group’s Treasurer. 

Precious de Leon Director of Media & ​Communication Secretary

Precious is a communicator. She is a trained business journalist, who is also experienced in corporate communications.

As a freelancer, Precious delivers content­led projects that include copywriting, editing, and the creation and management of multimedia strategies. She has developed user engagement plans during her years in the publishing industry in Dubai, and works deftly between digital and print platforms.

Precious believes in the value of being engaged with the community, and using her passion for the written word to bring the community closer together. She is also on the PR, communications and social media committees for Ovarian Cancer Canada’s two biggest annual events: Walk of Hope and Love Her 

Sharaz Khan Chair


Sharaz’s philosophy in life is grounded in creating an enabling environment for those who do not have access to information, education and resources nSharaz’s philosophy in life is grounded in creating an enabling environment for those who do not have access to information, education and resources needed to enrich lives individually or collectively. He has served on the boards for CIO­Calgary, E­Strategy City of Calgary and Manitoba First Nations.

His academic background includes a BA in Economics from the University of Calgary, MSc in Health Systems from Chicago’s Rush University, and MPA in Public Policy from Harvard Kennedy School. Sharaz is currently teaching at the Haskayne School of Business in the University of Calgary. He was previously the CIO for Calgary’s STARS Air Ambulance and Director of Systems at Rush University Oak Park Hospital in Chicago. 

Myra D'Souza Director of Governance, ​Policies & Procedures

 Myra was recently selected as one of Canada’s top 50 most diverse persons to sit on FP500 boards by The Canadian Board Diversity Council. She is the President of Global Diversity Training and brings a wealth of global governance and leadership experience.

With a degree in Political Science, Human Resources and Psychology, Myra has initiated community programs such as the Grocery Shopping Bus Service, which takes seniors living in apartment buildings shopping once a week for free. She has also helped build homes in Mexico for the poor.

Her board experience includes the Citizen’s Advisory Committee (Corrections Canada), Calgary Co­op, and the Calgary Aboriginal Initiative. In addition, she sits on several committees and was a former director of the Southwest Communities Association.

Having taught board governance for the province of Alberta with the Board Development Program, Myra is a passionate volunteer and cooperative supporter and has represented Canada at the United Nations on human rights. 

Nargis Somani ​Director of Program Development ​& Marketing

 Nargis has a diverse background and extensive experience in marketing, human resources, strategic planning, and exceptional communication and consulting skills.

She has outstanding abilities in relationship building and project management and has been a member on various boards, in different capacities. Nargis is member of programing at the

Human Resources (Regina) Chapter; a member­at­large, Vice President and President of the India Canada Association (Regina); was a member for fundraising for the KIDS Help Foundation Regina; and, is currently a member on the Skills and Employment Centre for the Ismaili Economic Planning Board for Calgary.

She brings with her exceptional abilities in facilitation, presentation and project management skills. Her ability to interact with people and build bridges is second to none. Even though she is professionally retired, Nargis continually strives for success and improvement. .